December 21, 2009

Wow…one month since our last blog.  Since you’ve last heard from us, Julee has charged herself right into the second trimester, and is still doing wonderfully.  She’s begun to show a little bump around the belly, which is adorable and something I understand to be relatively common among pregnant women.  Julee’s had a bizarre craving for summer sausage, and had at least two occurrences of crying against her will.  She’s begun wearing maternity clothes, which look adorable on her.  I find the maternity pants to be very interesting, as they look kind of like what would happen if a pair of jeans mated with a turtleneck.

As we’re approaching Christmas time, I enter this season with a different perspective than I’ve ever had.  I think about how we often talk about the Advent season as one of preparing for the coming of Jesus into our world.  Pregnancy is like that as well; it’s like a 9 month Advent season – preparing for the coming of our baby.  After the initial excitement and celebration is over, we enter into the time in which we begin to plan for what our lives may be like as parents.  I’m sure Mary and Joseph had to do much of the same thing; they didn’t have to research the best and safest baby furniture or begin putting more money in a savings account, but they did have a great deal of preparing to do I’m sure.  So for me, Advent and Christmas carry a double meaning for me this year, as we will soon introduce our own little life into our world.  Good thing our baby doesn’t have to grow up and save it.